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We're an Australian Dallara agent based in Sydney that provides full support for every Dallara Formula 3 owner and team. We started back in 2000 in order to best serve customers who want to repair their vehicles yet don’t want the hassle of searching for all of the parts they need.

In order to do so we started out by collecting a large variety of auto parts from many different brands all in one place. We offer our clients a wide range of auto parts. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Scroll down for an overview of our services.​


Formula 3 Services

  • Provide new & second-hand spare parts

  • Prepare your car and take it to race meetings

  • Repair damaged parts - metal, carbon-fibre or fibreglass

  • Repair any carbon-fibre chassis and body parts

Chassis and structural components repairs in  carbon fiber and fiber glass

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